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Do you want to be involved in the Glassy Brand Community?

Well, you've come to the right place! 

I'm looking for collaborators for generating consistent and beautiful Glassy Brand product content!

What does this mean?
When you buy from Glassy Brand, I'm inviting you to take some stylized photos of yourself in your new products once they arrive! Once you've taken these shots, you should email us using the form below.

In doing this, you are agreeing to allow Glassy Brand to use these photos as product promotions, social media posts, and website photos on glassybrand.com. In return, you will get your very own permanent, personalized discount code starting at 15% off, with higher discounts given as more content is created.

In the future, as the Glassy Brand community grows, you will get access to special contests among all Glassy Brand Collaborators, and referral codes to help build this community!

If you're interested, please email glassybrand@gmail.com with Collaborators in the title :)